Rainbow Bridge Ascension Sessions

Quantum energy sessions where Spiritual DNA is activated. 5th dimensional energy techniques are used to dissolve the veil in each layer of the human energy field. By learning how you are creating your reality based either in spirit function or shadow function. And by clearing where there is shadow, one shifts to spirit function and Divine Right Function is restored. 7 - 12 individually taylored sessions. Available by phone, skype, zoom, facetime, or in person.


Shadow Function/Spirit Function

Shadow:Duality, separation of our reality and us./Spirit; Unity consciousness. Needs no validity from others.

Shadow:Belief in right and wrong. Invests energy in doubt of descision./Spirit: Knows there are no right or wrong choices. Takes responsibility for all of them. No regret see's all as learning tools.

Shadow:Seeks validation on what one knows./Spirit: Identifies self beyond thoughts or accomplishments.

Shadow: Looks for love outside of self./Spirit: Becomes the source of love not the seeker of it.

Shadow: Seeks sense of purpose, measures how valuable one is to the world./Spirit: Everything has purpose, purpose is found within.

Shadow: Identifies spiritual identity outside of self ie... church or group. Finds God outside of self./Spirit: Is complete in oneself, is an emanation of ones exisitance. 

Shadow: Seeks growth, nothing feels good enough./Spirit: Pulls from within, expands into self.


5 Stages of Ascension

Wherever you are on your journey  is exactly where you need to be. Embody is here to provide love, support and guidance. 

Stage one: Happiness is based on external factors. In order to feel happy we try to control reality, other people, places and experiences. Makes no connection between thought/belief/ and experience in reality. Therefore has no ability to consciously create reality. Usually awareness begins as a flash that there's something more; or an inkling of doubt that makes one uncertain about life or reality.

Stage two: Attempts to fit in to be accepted compromising own needs. Is entrenched in mass consciousness following rules of life and laws of the land without question. Does not usually seek answers beyond what is necessary for survival and maintenance of lifestyle. Is defined by identity and lives within the constructs of religion/culture/society. Self worth is conditional and attached to the roles we play. Has little awareness that there is a greater part of self as ego is in charge. 

Stage three: May be longest and most challenging. May be able to see the connection between thoughts, beliefs and reality but old programing is still running. No longer looks outside of self for happiness but may not yet know  how to find it within. Varies between resistance and letting go. Has short burst of clarity and enlightenment. Is common to have multiple experiences of enlightenment. With each one the sense of higher self grows..Towards end of this stage death of ego is inevitable. 

Stage four: The stage of revolution, spiritual awakening becomes effortless in everyday life.  True-self has finally overshadowed ego or false-self. Deep peace and knowing who you really are, no longer seeking answers. Has mastered the art of letting go and surrendering to a higher power. Has connection to inner knowing without ego control therefore past, present and future all makes sense. Takes responsibility for entire life no longer blames others for circumstances. Common to have  meditation, yoga or prayer integrated into routine. May teach, mentor or share knowledge. Empowers others, does not take things personally. Lives in the moment and intuition increases.

Stage five: Guided through inspiration or pure desire, no longer does things out of obligation. Letting go and surrendering is key to awakening. Consciously creates ones life from the awakened state. Experience deepening in all of the the attributes of stage four but also steps Into power as conscious creator. Feels peace and fulfillment In work and play, and they often merge Into one experience. May develop teaching, Community building,Or leadership using infinite intelligenceo develop new paradigms. Has ability to attract relationships and forms communities that supports the betterment of humanity. Creates reality through connection with prime creator, and is a channel of expressionIn all that one does.