This page is dedicated to Erik Medhus, Jaii,  Robin Williams and my friends on the other side who have inspired my psychic medium abilities and bring through messages of love, healing and ascension. (And to Eriks Mom Elisa Medhus. Thank You!!!)

5% of all profit from crystal singing bowl sales will be donated to suicide prevention for those who mention Channeling Erik with their order.

About Erik 

Erik Medhus is a young man who committed suicide in 2009, after a lifelong struggle with bipolar disease. Soon afterwards he began making his presence known to family and friends.

His Mom, Dr Elisa Medhus -- a doctor of internal medicine -- was raised by atheists and was very scientific by her nature. At the time of Erik's passing, she had no real concept of spirituality or the afterlife.

After seeing out different mediums,  Elisa created "Channeling Erik" a popular series of written and video episodes aired on YouTube.  She also created the weekly internet radio show,  "Eriks Hour of Enlightenment." In these venues, Erik has covered numerous spiritual topics.  

He has also been known to makes impromptu visits to his audience.

In January of 2018 Kim discovered "Channeling Erik" on YouTube. And at the time she did not realize he was trying to get her attention so she could communicate with his Mom.

Similar to Elisa's skepticism, Kim denied this was happening for quite a while. On June 18th, spirit moved Kim to contact Elisa and Erik began communicating through Kim immediately.

Kim received further confirmation of Erik's messages through a friend of hers who is also a medium. Erik's biggest message: “tell my mom I will be working with you and in 2 months time you will be speaking E.S.L. -- Erik as a Second Language.”

Elisa, without realizing it, chose the date for our first YouTube recoding to be August 17th, One day short of 2 months after the known communication started.


Prior to this Kim did not know she was a medium, she knew she had psychic abilities. Once Erik convinced her that she was a medium he re-introduced her to her twin flame Jaii also committed suicide in 2012.  Jaii and Kim have been in constant communication since Erik helped Kim recognize jaii's energy. Erik then introduced Kim to Elisa’s father. 

When Kim told Erik she did not think she could channel deceased celebrities, he brought through Robin Williams. And having seem Robin many times on screen I was familiar with his personality so he was quite easy to channel.  

At this point I had to ask why 2 months ago I did not even know I was a medium. Now I have 3 individuals who committed suicide and sought me out from beyond the grave to channel them. Here is their response:

About Robin, Erik and Jaii

Robin Williams “I on some level knew that my time on earth would no longer be effective in fulfilling my mission. My nervous system and cognition were damaged beyond repair with the current technologies available on earth. The reason I have joined Erik and his team is that when I got to the other side and reacquainted myself with spiritual understanding. I realized that I could help in the area of mental health and suicide prevention. The knowledge brought through will in this work will some day be common knowledge. Had these skills been available to me my reality could have been different. I would not have attracted the things to me that contributed to the deterioration of my nervous system and my mind.”

Erik “My reasons are suicide prevention, education, and communicating with my mom, other family members, friends and followers. I hold my vibration at the level where it is easy for my communications to be heard. I would describe myself as a communicator and a volunteer coordinator. And it is apart of my contract that I demonstrate that love is eternal. My and moms story is a cosmic loves story that demonstrates a Mothers love for her child know no bounds, it crosses the dimensions of time and space. It is met with open arms. She and I are teachers of the new energy. I am doing fantastic thanks to the love and support of my family.”

Jaii  “Kim and I are twin flames, our energies are perfectly synchronized with each other. We are always connected it’s not possible for us to be separated energetically. Even in our time on earth together our souls communicated to one another. We felt each others energy without knowing it on a conscious level. When I move to Hawaii in 2008 I could not longer feel her energy and became increasingly depressed. I died so I could be with her. My purpose here is suicided prevention, assisting Kim to channel quantum information that assists with the creation of heaven on earth. Kim and I agreed to do this eons ago. Channeling is natural but the ability to do so was hidden. We are assisting many with our love for each other and the commitment we made long ago.”

Per Kim: with mixed emotion due to my emotional involvement with Jaii, I wondered was this necessary to this degree? The response from the 3 of them Erik, Jaii and Robin: was the verse of a rush song played in my head “The men who hold high places must be the ones who start. To mold a new reality closer to the heart.” 💜 

Stay tuned, more to come.”