Akashic Record and Past Life regression Energy Healing sessions

 The Akashic record, also called the book of life is a record of every soul that has ever existed on this planet. The akash is found in Gaia’s grid; which is interwoven with the crystalline grid. When an individual leaves this planet a part of their consciousness in that lifetime stays in Crytalline grid. Energy is quantum, it is circular in motion, past, present, and
future occurring simultaneously. From the akash one can choose to connect with the wisdom of the ancestors or Masters that walked upon this planet, and bring that knowledge forward. Revert DNA back to a time before the human body had a disease or affliction. By doing this you address your cellular structure, and it speaks to your DNA. When you heal yourself of a disease, the genetic predisposition that created the disease; disappears to the degree that your existing children’s DNA will change. By connecting with a past lifetime you can have impact on the now, generations past, and future. With pure intent you can bring your awareness to a simultaneous our past life where that affliction was not present; and ask your DNA from that lifetime to instruct your DNA in this lifetime, altering the potential. 

Sessions available by phone, factime, skype, zoom or in person.

How are energetic blocks formed? By a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual trauma that occurs often in childhood. When one disassociates, or disconnects from a situation in an mis-guided attempt to stop the painful feeling. When this happens emotional and spiritual growth stops as well concerning that particular issue.

What is energetic patterning? Energetic patterning occurs when energy blocks become crystallized or frozen in the energetic field. In an attempt to dis-lodge the event individuals re-create an event which produces similar feelings to the original trauma in a cyclic pattern. In reality this is an opportunity for the individual to take the appropriate steps to rectify the situation. If these opportunities are missed the cyclic patterning continues and often accelerates to tertiary feelings such as victimization and depression. 

How do Individuals create their reality? Refer to “Busting loose from the money game” by Robert Scheinfeld this book is about the illusions around abundance and principals that place you in alignment with flow. These same principles relate to all situations in life. Individuals are 100% responsible for their experience, through their beliefs, which creates reality. Physical reality operates much like a holographic illusion. A holographic illusion is the appearance of something that is not real. In order for this to occur tremendous amounts of power must be shown through a pattern. Power + pattern=illusion. The pattern is the design which holds all the necessary details for the illusion to appear real. You represent the power, you are the power. The pattern is the result of beliefs formed by previous experiences, or the beliefs of others, such as parents, teachers, or friends. The beliefs of others are pushed into or laid over ones energy field. The physical body hold memory of this. You the powerful individual creates by focusing your attention on a possibility, lending to it your tremendous power, which pops the possibility through the pattern The pattern sets up all the necessary circumstances and events necessary for the individual to make what he or she believes to be true real. The universe is always supportive and rearranges itself to accommodate ones picture of reality. It is not able to discern on what is desired or un-desired. It simply responds to where our attention is focused.