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Coming in January 2019 Quantum DNA Activation Sessions, live or recording.

Join us for our 8 part series: Somewhere within the rainbow. In each part we discover what holds us in illusion at that level. We gain the tools to see therough the veil. Full activation of DNA for those who follow and practice these instructions. Register through on-line store. Quantum DNA Activation

Each class explores the seven different levels of our auric field and the horizontal access point to our matrix. While simultaneously accessing the vertical pillar of light. We discover the illusion holding the veil in place at each level. We learn to stay centered and balanced at zero point; where one is able to stand as an observer and notice that the 3D presentation of fear or chaos some are experiencing; with 5D clarity of the truth behind the situation. We discover that the pot of gold we have strived for is not at the end of the rainbow. II is in the here and now at center-point. Learn to stand centered, balanced and aligned. Gain the ability to reprogram your matrix. Heartfelt desires and dreams converge and manifest with greater ease. We anchor the crystalline potential into our physical reality. Each class includes instruction of: the function of each level, the behaviors of both spirit and shadow function, tools to align and stay in spirit function, un-locking of the hematic seal placed at each level (the veil). Also includes a quantum DNA activation with each session using the singing crystal bowls and a guided meditation. Each class builds upon previous sessions.

Free introductory class 1/2/19 7pm CST. Live session schedule: 2pm CST 1/6/19, 1/20/19, 2/3/19, 2/17/19, 3/3/19, 3/17/19, 3/31/19, 4/14/19.

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