It all started when…

Kim began her interest in alternative therapies as a small child. Growing up with a chronically ill mother, at 3 she made a "vow" to help her heal. Kim observed and learned as much as she could, waiting to grow up so her "magical powers" could be activated. She was naturally inclined towards healing touch and started there.

Kim’s psychic abilities  remained intact since birth. As this was the way it always was for her she thought everyone was aware of the same things as she. In 1995 her children's pediatrician pointed it out. She then began looking into it and realized she was psychic and it was not typical of the time. Children come into this planet from source and are connected to the other side. After birth infants commonly spend time sleeping and forgetting; as the veil begins thin so they can ground into physical reality.  Kim obtained appropriate training for the modalities she found most effective and developed them in to a format that assists others in the creation of heaven on earth. 

Kim Is the creator of EmbodyLLC a business dedicated to helping people experience The Shift via energy repatterining, psychic medium and channeling services, and the following modalities: Hands of Light-Healing via the human energy field,  Hypnotherapy, Self Awareness Formula, myofascial release and cranial sacral therapy.

Kim utilizes sound via singing crystal bowls in conjunction with all of her services.

In addition to being a psychic medium she is an Ordained ULC Minister.