"Kim's body work is amazing! I love the feeling when she puts the bowls on my back. It's the most soothing, psychedelic sensation. Better than getting an hour massage at a spa.  Thanks Kim!"

 -- Your pal, Erin

Minneapolis, MN

Thank you so much Kim this is the first day I felt that I'm back on track with my recovery. I've also started mobilizing plans for taking vocal lessons, auditioning to productions of local theatres, and preparing to transfer to another college that has musical theatre as a major. I cannot thank you enough for the encouragement you gave me! I'll be sure to keep visualizing and believing, and to contact you again when I need another push:)

Lillian H

New York, NY

BUENAS NOCHES AMIGA ,I really want to let you know how grateful and thankful and just much lighter. Erik has been hardcore alots n lots around. Its like he wants to really be holding me there strongly. And thanks to him and his mama led me to you; since the minute I heard you speaking for the first time; there was just like a that is the most naturalist close to mother feeling and protector. Thanks for your lovely work and I am happy to give testimony. Your seriously amazing and keep up the greatness, I also want to say that i will be following up with you Erik is telling me to stay close and not drift away. He reassured me that I can make it out of this as long as I follow your advice and I am more then happy to do till the day I return to my souls home. Much love


Los Gatos, CA     


How do you forgive something that you don't know forgiveness is needed? How do you forgive yourself when you don't know what it is that needs to be forgiven? How do you dig up something buried deep inside you when you don't even know what you're looking for?

I had an episode where I felt intensely ashamed and guilty for everything I did or said. Milder versions happened before, but I brushed it off as silly insecurities. But this time it was different. It was intense, unexpected, and I was a wreck. I worked on forgiveness and self betterment for almost 30yrs, through self analysis, books, spiritual readings, and self-help courses. I thought I cleared it, and yet I still had a problem. After all these years, I still didn't know what the root cause was, and I felt ashamed about that. That is who I was when I had my “Energetic Patterns Lifetime Reading” with Kim, whom I found through ChannelingErik.

When Kim went over my 120 questions, I expected the vague “you got this and that, and this is your problem” discussion. Instead she showed me a pin point specific and accurate pattern of unresolved issues and how I was dealing with it. I was stunned because I realized my root problem was not what I thought it was; it was completely different, and how I was reacting to the root problem over and over again. My guilt blinded me from seeing the culprit and the pattern. At this point, Kim knew what was needed to be done, and which chakras needed to be unblocked in a specific way.

After the singing bowls meditation with Kim's guidance, I didn't know how to react. Kim’s unassuming, kind, and her sweet manner made it so natural and so unforced, I didn’t know what to think. No fanfare of Hallelujah nor chorus of angels singing. . But as the days went by, I started to feel lighter and lighter. Bad thoughts lessened and if it did come up, I would think of something pleasant, say my affirmation, smell peppermint, then tap on my wrist. Poof; it was gone. I also continued listening to Kim's guided meditation via youtube videos.

On the evening of the sixth day, all the memories of abuse, hurt, fear, anger, burst out of me. Events I have forgotten about and didn't know how hurt I felt at that time. Instead of dealing it with the usual “I deserved it” or “they meant well”, I processed it with clear mind and with focus. Something I couldn't do nor understand until I got Kim's help. The usual guilt and shame just wasn't there anymore; Kim got rid of that for me by unblocking my chakras. I also didn't hold back my expression of anger because I understood that it needed to be expressed; spitted out. Now I know I don't have to make excuses for them, nor judge them, but to understand why, and they will have to own their own behavior. The most important thing is that I forgave myself by understanding what and why I reacted/behaved the way I did, and I am not to be blamed. Again, something I couldn't do nor understand until I got Kim's help.

Its been only 10 days since my reading, but everything seems to be lifted. I feel lighter. Even my boyfriend says I look younger, and that my face physically changed. I keep watching Kim's youtube videos to keep my chakras cleared, and maintain the higher vibration that I feel.

Sometimes the veil of anger, shame, guilt, fear prevents you from seeing the obvious, especially the pattern. You need a third person's point of view to see the things you cannot see. And if that person can also help you spiritually and with vibration (sound) to remove the veil, and clear and re-align your chakras, your mind, and your old pattern of bad habits, that is the ultimate.

Kim is definitely that person. I can't thank Kim enough for what she has done for me. It took me 30 years to find her, but I found her. I am so grateful to the Universe for Kim, Jaii, and Erik. Thank you so very very much.


I just participated in your meditation with Erik and it was amazing! I try to learn every day as I move through this amazing awakening process.  During a Reiki session last year I was shown a huge building with monks taking care of books - I never knew what that was until just last week! The Akashic Records. During the meditation Erik first had to tie his shoes.....then he took me to the Akashic Records but I was not allowed in - we could only stand and watch others. I don't believe this was anything significant (not allowed in) it was just something Erik wanted me to see. He indicated that he understood my "difficulty" and would help me but that I needed to understand that soul contracts involve more than one person.  As he walked away he turned and waved. And the way he turned and waved goodbye to me was exactly like described on the interview. (This is not my first Erik encounter).My only other encounter with Eric happened when I threw away the Ouija Board I purchased from his mom.  It felt like A HUGE  spider crawled up my arm and I screamed it scared me so badly. I swear I could hear him laughing, the brat.So, I did google you and the first thing that showed up was the Akashic Records - I couldn't believe it!!I have wanted to do a past life regression for 30 years and I feel so drawn to you - your bowls are beautiful! So for now, thank you!!!


(see Channeling Erik Quantum Session for Self Empowerment & Erik on FindingYour Power)